Trucking and Commercial Accident Lawyer in New Orleans

Accidents with commercial vehicles and trucks can seriously injure you or your loved ones. In fact, truck accidents typically cause more deaths and bodily harm than car collisions due to their disproportionately large sizes. The companies that employ commercial drivers are more likely to understate your injuries when offering a settlement because the stakes are higher:  there is more money on the line. Commercial insurance carriers will also do what they can to demonstrate that the accident wasn't their fault. Ben Brown Law Group understands how to approach cases involving commercial vehicles, and we have won millions of dollars for clients in similar situations.

When to Hire a Trucking and Commercial Accident Attorney

After an accident with a truck or commercial vehicle, you may sustain serious or even life-threatening injuries. Seek medical attention immediately to assess your injuries. If you're hesitant to see a doctor because you don't have medical insurance, our team will be happy to connect you with experienced medical professionals to evaluate your injuries and facilitate your treatment.

I will meet with you to help you file a claim and can review any necessary documentation relevant to your case, including police reports, witness statements, insurance policies, and your medical files. Also many commercial vehicles are subject to more rules and greater scrutiny by both local and state government.  Understanding the nuances in these various laws can make an enormous impact on the settlement value of your case.

Wrecks involving cars driven by operators for Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare apps have some similarities with trucking and commercial accidents. Our firm is also well versed in these cases, and we would be happy to assist you.  These commercial companies are well insured to cover their passengers from injury.

Seeking Compensation After an Accident

You may be entitled to compensation for damages after an accident with an 18 wheeler, company truck, Uber or other commercial vehicle. Whether you need financial support to cover medical treatment, lost wages, or damages to your vehicle, a qualified attorney can guide you through the process. When filing your claim, there may be various responsible parties:

  • The owner of the truck or commercial vehicle and their respective safety ratings
  • The driver and their respective driving history
  • The person or company who leased the vehicle
  • The vehicle's manufacturer
  • The safety inspector who wrongly gave the driver or truck clearance to be on the road

I will use the evidence at hand and my experience with the legal system to help you maximize a settlement that fully compensates you for your injuries and how they've affected your daily life. These cases can be tricky, but I have dealt with “big money” insurance  tactics and policies trucking companies often use. I will be with you throughout the duration of your case to answer all of your questions and your phone calls.

Why Hire Ben Brown Law Group?

You won't be just another client to us. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you get the medical care and financial assistance you need. Ben Brown Law Group will work to protect your rights to the utmost under the law and fight for your compensation every step of the way. To get started on your claim, book a free consultation today by contacting our team online or calling 504-564-7677.