Dog Bite Attorney in New Orleans

Today, many public spaces enforce leash laws to promote safety. However, leash laws may not always be enforced and can't always prevent dogs from attacking people or other pets. Being bitten by an aggressive dog can be a jarring experience, no matter its size. The wounds inflicted can become infected or lead to serious scarring, both of which can require medical treatment. If you've been bitten by a dog in Louisiana and suffered from an injury, know your rights and when to call Ben Brown Law Group.

When Do You Hire a Dog Bite Attorney?

It can be uncomfortable to pursue legal action after being bitten by the dog of a friend or relative, but the injury that follows may contribute to chronic pain, require surgery, prevent you from working, or leave you with emotional trauma.

After you've been attacked, check yourself for injuries and call the police as soon as possible. Collect contact information from the dog's owner and any witnesses, and be sure to take photos of the incident. After receiving medical attention for your injuries, call Ben Brown to help you file your claim, ask questions, and pursue legal action. In the event that the dog's owner claims that their pet was provoked or that you were trespassing, I can provide documentation from a witness's statement or police report and help protect your rights.

How to Seek Compensation After a Dog Bite

I will help you navigate the legal process and contact the pet owner's insurance provider if necessary, review medical records, and determine a course of action. As with many personal injury claims, you can settle outside of the courtroom through negotiation. As a qualified dog bite attorney, I can file your claim without error and help determine an appropriate payout amount.

Why Hire Ben Brown Law Group?

I've helped Louisiana residents with a variety of personal injury cases. Ben Brown Law Group has recovered over millions of dollars for clients, and our firm has experience with helping injured parties seek quality medical care. With Ben Brown Law on your side, you can always expect quality representation at trial, mediation, and appeals when necessary, in addition to being informed throughout the progression of your case. My wide range of practice areas includes auto, work, and pedestrian accidents, premises liability, and more. Your case will receive my undivided attention and you'll always be treated like a person, not a claim.

Speak to Ben Brown Law Group directly by calling 504-564-7677 to schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim. If you'd like to go to trial, I'll be by your side every step of the way.